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Fishing on the River tees in Gainford

River Tees Gainford Fishing is strictly by permit only and is subject to the Environment Agency (EA) byelaws.  Read more here. 

Closed Seasons for fishing (inclusive dates)

SALMON – closed from 1st November to 31st January

SEA TROUT (migratory trout) – closed from 1st November to 31st January

TROUT  – closed from 1st October to 21st March

COARSE FISH (including Grayling)  – closed from 15th March to 15th June

What species can I fish for?

Permit holders can fish with rod and line and appropriate tackle for the species of fish EITHER Coarse Fish/Trout OR Salmon/Sea Trout.

Where can I fish?

Permit holders can fish from St Mary’s Well which is below St Mary’s Churchyard upstream to Barforth Wath which is adjacent to the downstream cemetry fence line. 

Which bait can i use?

All legal baits and methods of angling are permitted with the exception of use of natural minnow, fry, prawn or shrimp and limitations on the use of spinning lures, see here. 

Buy your permit here

Please buy your permit here.  You should choose between Coarse Fish/Trout or Salmon/Sea Trout.

You can choose an annual or day pass.

Please retain your order reference number and/ or your confirmation email. This MUST be available to show to our bailiff and committee members. If you are asked you must show proof of purchase along with proof of ID. Your permit must be purchased in your name.

Concessionary details – concessionary rates are available for:

  • Persons OVER 65 years old and children between and including the ages of 12 and 15
  • Children UNDER 12 years of age are able to fish FREE but MUST have a valid permit (i.e.a ZERO cost permit, available on this site).

Eastern Boundary

Aerial pic of River Tees Paul Allan

Western Boundary

Arial pic of River Tees western boundary Paul Allan